If you are thinking of reducing your energy costs or developping a local energy solution for your business, EuroEner can help achieve your energy expectations making use of the wind energy. We make sure that your wind turbine choice will work productively for you while being environmentally friendly.


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The 10 kW wind turbine WIND 10 can provide the electrical energy demand of a regular family hause with an average wind speed speed of 7 m/s.

For the first time a WIND 4 is tested at temperatures bellow -10 0C with successful results.

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Wind 4 equiped with small blades for wind class I can deliver as much energy as with bigger blades and emit considerably less noise.

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Euroener delivers the first set of red colour blades for the model WIND 4 to be installed in boats.



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At EuroEner the peoples knowledge is what makes us strong and the technology is what we use to design, develop and finaly to put at the customers disposal.


EuroEner is one of the Europe leading technology and inovative producers of small wind turbines. Born and grown with the microgeneration concept from the origins of the first wind turbines installed in Europe. We put the energy at your disposal at your home, boat or industry by means of the wind.